Who is in your organization?

Profiles are a directory of the people in your organization as well as information you need to form and encourage effective networks. In addition to basic information captured in a business card format, profiles catalog skills such as technical expertise, familiarity with foreign languages, and areas of interest.

Get the word out about what you can do.

Fill out your own profile with contact information. Let your community, company, or organization know what you can do, what your interests are, and how to get in touch with you. Apply some tags to your profiles to give others another way to find you.

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Find the expertise you need.

Looking for an expert in a specific area? Search profiles to find people with the skills you need. Profiles can help you reach out to people and build up a collaborative network of connected people. You can search by different criteria, including location, experience, and interest.

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Search with tags

Tags are descriptive keywords you create and assign to identify particular roles or activities in your organization. For example, you might search on a tag called accessibility to find all of the users who have used that tag to indicate that they have accessibility expertise.

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Follow the links

In addition to viewing a person's contact information, you can access links to related content that they make available from their profile. For example, you might find a link to a blog that the user has posted, or to an article bookmarked on a Web site.

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